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Seven Presidents Will Visit and Join Georgia’s Independence Day Celebrations on May 26

Seven presidents will visit Georgia on May 26 to join the country in its celebration of the 100th anniversary from the creation of the first Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1918.

“This is an unprecedented fact. Such a thing has never happened in Georgia. Such high ranking guests have never arrived in Georgia at the same time”, the head of the presidential administration Giorgi Abashishvili said.

Abashishvili added that on May 26 Krynica Economic Forum brand will be established in Georgia. Held in Poland, Krynica Economic Forum is one of the most famous economic forums in Eastern Europe.

As Abashishvili announced this forum will be opened by the presidents of Georgia, Poland and Slovakia and the Prime Minister of Georgia.

On May 26 special festive events will take place in Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi and other regions of the country.


Source: https://bit.ly/2LdzUXg


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