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Increased Number of Visitors from Leading EU Countries in Georgia

Since the lifting of visa travel between EU countries and Georgia, the number of visitors from the European block has bloomed during the first nine months of 2017. Between 1 January and 30 September this year, a total of 263,600 EU citizens visited Georgia, up by nearly 25% when compared to the same period of 2016.

Polish people are on the first place by 45 996 visitors.

The number of visitors from Germany, UK, Netherlands, Spain and Austria increased by over 30% compare to the previous year.

It is not just EU citizens that have seen the potential of Georgia, but Lonely Planet has named the country as one of the top 10 countries to visit in 2018. The travel experts say of the country: “At this crossroads of the South Caucasus, history is not a thing of the past but informs every complex chess move Georgia makes in the present. Forward-thinking but proud of tradition, this is a country of ancient recipes cooked up in tucked-away taverns where toastmasters raise glasses of spirits to honour heroes old and new.” It is no wonder that so many people are packing their bags to discover the sights and sounds of Georgia.


Source: https://gnta.ge/



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