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Circular Economy Working Session Takes Place in Tbilisi

Circular Economy Mapping Week CEC takes place in Georgia for the first time. Organizers will voluntarily set up group sessions to map the circular initiatives in their cities (60+city).

The overall objective of the session is to bring together circular enthusiasts to discuss and learn about the latest circular initiatives happening in their cities, as well as to map out circular initiatives taking place globally and make this information available online and free for all.

During the mapping session, participants will get information about CEC activities and they will contribute to expand this global net- work. Groups of 4 people will identify circular initiatives in five pre- selected sectors. (e.g. manufacturing, textile, etc.). Based on group discussions, each group will fill in the grid and present to other group members.

Today we have a linear ‘take, make, dispose’ economic model that relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, and is a model that is reaching its physical limits. Circular Economy opens a world of opportunity to rethink and redesign the way we make stuff. It questions whether with creativity and innovation we can build a restorative economy.

For more information visit: https://www.circulareconomyclub.com/

Circular Economy Club (CEC): CEC is the international network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organisations in over 60 countries. CEC is global and open. Anyone can join for free online. The network gathers architects, engineers, business leaders, researchers and makers that are resetting the world standards.


Source: http://bit.ly/2BIEefr


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