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Kutaisi International Airport – One of the World’s Most Beautiful Ones

AsiaOne.com, a popular news site in the far east, has published an article entitled “World’s 13 Most Beautful Airports”.

Included in this list is Georgia’s very own Kutaisi International Airport.

“Kutaisi International Airport, also known as David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport, is a small airport located in Kutaisi, Georgia.”, the article says of the airport, located in Georgia’s western Imereti region.

“Designed by Dutch architecture firm UNStudio, the building features bright red colors that help passengers to easily navigate the airport.”

The article finishes by saying “the building also features large windows, creating a light-filled interior with views of the Caucasus Mountains.”

Other airports included in the top 13 are Baku international, Denver airport in Colorado, and Madrid’s Barajas international.

Read the full article here


Source: http://bit.ly/2BhJyBI


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