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Increasing Demand on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Tegeta Motors: Demand has Been Increased on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in Georgia

“It was very successful for the company to enter Azerbaijan market”, – said Giorgi Mshvildadze, deputy general director of Tegeta Motors.

According to him, opening of an official presentation in Armenia (another nearest neighbor of Georgia) is not planned yet, but the company has many partners in that country as well.

“We have achieved great success on this market, so that we have opened the second branch and will see additional expansion next year”, – Mshvildadze says.

As for the local market, Mshvildadze says that Georgia is also following the world trend, where demand is grown on hybrid and electric vehicles.

Consequently, establishing a training center and retraining personnel is meant for the new structure of the market, because qualified mechanics of such vehicles are not in the country, there are only self-taught mechanics.

Mr. Mshvildadze notes that restriction of loans in foreign currencies had no influence on the sale of new cars of Tegeta Motors, because the company also has a lot of legal entities, besides the private individuals, who buy expensive cars, Toyota, Porsche or Mazda.


Source: http://cbw.ge/business/tegeta-motors-demand-increased-hybrid-electric-vehicles-georgia/


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