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Second meeting of Caspian Expert club opens in Astrakhan

The international round table titled “The image of the Caspian Sea: the media, expert cooperation, international projects” will be held today in Astrakhan.


Participants of the second meeting of the Caspian Expert Club, organized with the assistance of the Russian, Azerbaijani and Kazakh expert centers, will discuss the issues, relevant to the Caspian region: the tourist branding of the region, the basic principles of cooperation between the Caspian media, media projects, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Astrakhan province, the mechanisms of formation of the Astrakhan region’s image and a number of others.

The president of the union of companies ‘Analysis.Consulting.PR’, Ismail Agakishiev (Moscow, Russia), the manager of the ‘Greater Middle East’ project, the political scientist Ali Hajizade (Baku, Azerbaijan), the Director of the center of Analytical Studies ‘Eurasian Monitoring’ Alibek Tazhibayev (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and the executive director of the International Association of student TV, Vladimir Kosenchuk (Moscow, Russia), are the speakers of the round table.

It was decided to establish the expert community at the Caspian Media Forum, which was held in Astrakhan in September this year. The first meeting, which took place in October, outlined the topic for discussion ‘The Caspian region: a new agenda’. The participants worked out the basic principles of cooperation.

The first study, which will be held by the participants of the Caspian Expert Club will be a report ‘The scenario development of the Caspian region until 2020’.

Source: http://bit.ly/2gNOgBJ

New law will strengthen investment protection in Georgia

Georgia is taking steps to develop its investment and business environment by improving legislation to better protect those who invest and do business in the country.

The Government of Georgia decided to strengthen the legal framework to better protect investments by creating a new law.
This was planned within the the 2016-2020 Governmental program.

The new law would meet modern requirements and challenges and support local and foreign investors in Georgia. investment_protection_law

The main goal of the new law was to maintain the current liberal and preferential environment for investors so they can continue planning and operating their businesses.

Georgia has already gained the reputation of a business friendly country. The country received top marks from the World Bank in its latest Doing Business Index.

The Doing Business Index is a World Bank Group flagship report that investigates the regulations that enhance business activities and those that constrain it. The latest report showed Georgia was among the top global improvers for implementing business friendly reforms.

Georgia improved its position by seven points – from 23rd to 16th – in the Doing Business 2017: Equal Opportunity for All report, released yesterday.

Source:  http://bit.ly/2gB3p6l

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