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Georgian Wine to Win Silver and Bronze Medals in Poland

14th International exhibition-selling “EnoExpo 2016” took place in Krakow, Poland and 13 Georgian wine making companies were part of it with the support of Wine National Agency. Following wine companies participated in the exhibition: “Vaziani”, “Vinery Khareba”, “Askanian Brothers”, “Telavi Wine Marani”, “Wineman”, “Corporation Georgian Wine”, “Shilda”, “Dugladze Wine Company”, “Maranuli”, “Real Marani” and “Kimereoni”.

In the frame of the degustation competition, four wines from two wine companies won silver and bronze medals. There were: “Gotsa’s wines”, “Takveri 2014” which won bronze, company “Telavi wine marani”, “Reserve 2007”, “Kondola Vineyard three”, “Satrapezo 10 pitcher 2013” won silver.

After 3 days of exhibition, they showed Georgian wine and cuisine and cooked Khachapuri. Participants of the exhibition had a chance to try it.

Wine companies conducted negotiations with local importers and wine professionals.  Presentation of Georgian wine will promote popularization of Georgian wine in the Eastern European market.

Poland is one of the main strategic markets for Georgian wine, where National Wine Agency implements marketing activities. Poland maintains its place in top five exporters of Georgian wines for many years already.

According to 10 moths of 2016 data, more than 1,81 million bottles of wine was exported to Poland this year, which is 44% more than last year.

Source: http://bit.ly/2fJXNZ4

Georgia exports more wine to China, takes new markets

About 70 million consumers in China’s Hunan province will soon be able to taste and enjoy Georgian wine.

Georgian wine is about to be sold at a newly-opened shopping centre in Hunan, it was announced. Head of the Georgian National Wine Agency Giorgi Samanishvili was invited as a special guest to the opening ceremony of the new shopping centre this week.

This is the third-largest shopping centre in China where Georgian wine is also represented. Hunan province officials are interested in importing Georgian wine so to learn more they will soon visit Georgia at the beginning of next year,” said Samanishvili.

While in China Samanishvili also attended the opening ceremony of a Georgian wine space in at the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Wine Exchange Centre in China’s biggest city, where initially 10 Georgian wine companies were represented.

Samanishvili said there were plans to increase the presence of Georgian wine at this Wine Centre as well.

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone Wine Exchange Centre represents professional wine dealer organisations from all over the world organisation representing Georgian wine here is important as a matter of prestige and also for achieving certain goals, specifically increasing Georgian wine sales in the Chinese market,” said Samanishvili.

Recently Georgian wine was showcased at the international fair Prowein China 2016 in Shanghai. Last week 30 Georgian wine companies participated in the fair.
At the event a Georgian wine seminar and degustation was held for wine importers and media representatives, which was led by wine master Debra Meiburg. Meiburg also organised a Georgian wine degustation event within the ‘Wine in China Conference’ in Shanghai.

Georgian wine on show in Estonia and Latvia

Georgia has showcased its unique wine and presented its rich wine-making history at two special events named ‘Wines of Georgia’ held in Estonia and Latvia this week.

Local and foreign wine importers, sommeliers, restaurant owners, wine journalists and bloggers attended the two wine events in the Baltic States.

wine_in_latvia_and_estoniaBaltic countries are traditional markets for Georgian wine though we are working on a new segment – a young generation to let them know about Georgian wine culture and traditions.

It is important to popularize Georgian wine and grow the publicity around our products and that Georgian wines are included in the Estonian Sommelier School program. Also next year the National Wine Agency is planning active marketing arrangements in Baltic countries, as strategic export markets for Georgian wine,” said Irakli Cholobargia of the Georgian National Wine Agency.

Eight Georgian wine companies participated in the Georgian wine event in Estonia and Latvia.

Latvia and Estonia were among the top ten importers of Georgian wine.

In the first 10 months of 2016 Georgia exported more than 980,000 bottles of wine to Latvia – a six percent increase year-on-year.

As for Estonia, Georgia exported 516,000 bottles of wine to the country, which was a 33 percent increase year-on-year, said the Georgian National Wine Agency.

Source: http://agenda.ge/

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