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Warsaw Trans Poland

RR Consulting at Warsaw Trans Poland

img_20161108_124438Between 11.08.2016 – 10.11.2016 in Warsaw we were participants in the International Fair of Transport and Logistics Trans Poland.
Trans Poland event is the largest in this part of Europe meeting of professionals related to transport, logistics and storage.

Trans Poland event is having the character of “Business to Business” (B2B) and for the fourth time brought together representatives of companies with well-defined business objectives.

In Warsaw EXPO XXI Centre, Street Prądzyńskiego 12/14, its products and solutions presented companies operating on the basis of issue of intermodal transport; logistics companies, transport (rail, road, sea, air); manufacture of transport fleet; manufacturers of parts and components in the various transport sectors; manufacture of systems of internal transport and warehouse equipment; vendors in the field of ITS and transport management systems.img_20161108_130642

The participants of the meeting were also consulting and advisory such as RR Consulting, and representatives of government like the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus.

During Trans Poland in panel discussions and debates there were discussed directions of development of the TSL sector and the main opportunities and risks.

In talks with foreign companies often drew attention strategic position of the Polish new investments in infrastructure and opportunities associated with them. One of the topics discussed was the new Silk Road that runs through Georgia and also connecting China with the EU countries by Polish Hub.

The main problems indicated by the entrepreneurs were increasing labor costs resulting from implemented by other countries of the EU laws on the minimum wage.

The result of our presence is undoubtedly the exchange of experiences and a noticeable trend of interest in Georgia by companies from the TSL sector.


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