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“Geo Concentrate” Opened Fruits and Vegetables Processing Factory Equipped with Modern Technology

“Geo Concentrate” Opened Fruits and Vegetables Processing Factory Equipped with Modern Technology.

“Geo Concentrate” received 20 067 square meters agricultural land with buildings on it in a symbolic price from Property Management Agency and in the frame of low-cost agro credit, fruits and vegetables processing factoring has been built. 


1.2 million GEL investment has been fulfilled for the factory. 650 000 GEL from the investment is an agro credit.
The minister of Agriculture, Levan Davitashvili noted that financial support from the government will help the development and enlargement of the industry.

“Georgia has a big tradition of agro industry. Shida Kartli has always been prominent in this sense. The country has a resource of fruits and vegetables, which should be used and develop the production”-declared davitashvili.

Minister also noted that new factory will help to raise economic development and employment in the region.

Farmers will receive Financial Support to Plant Blackberries and Raspberries

There have been changes in the agro project “Create the Future”.  In the frame of the project, farmers will get financial support to plant blackberries and raspberries in all regions Of Georgia. In addition, the project includes perspectives of planting quinces in the regions.
According to the minister of agriculture, Levan Davitasvhili, the project is very successful and they have already cultivated 1500 hectare of the land for new gardens which promotes the development of new gardening techniques in Georgia.

rus-bluThe farmers who are interested in cultivating gardens with a new technique and are willing to be involved in a project “Create the future”, will receive 70% grant for seedlings and 50% grant for watering system.
In the frame of “Create the future”, 2044 hectare has already been cultivated for perennial gardens for which the government paid 9,767, 644 GEL.
Ministry of Agriculture has been implementing the project “Create the Future” since 2015. Its aim is to promote perennial gardens and nursery agriculture in Georgia.

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