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New business portal RRTRADE.EU

We would like to introduce to you our new business Internet portal WWW.RRTRADE.EU.

RRTrade is a Polish web portal founded in Georgia, which is part of international company RRConsulting. Our portal delivers the opportunity to connect suppliers and buyers who are looking for each other to expand their business and find new partners. RRTrade provides reliable cooperation between the sides, giving them all necessary tools, easy communication, verified companies, four kind of different service packages with variational and loyal price policy for all types and sizes of business. You can register for free or use our most popular package for ONLY 99$ and benefit from many functionalities to make your business more attractive for others. We do recommend also our prestigious package what will let you underline your position nd get status of Gold Partner for boosting your development. Portal will be your partner and help you to expand your business as easy as possible, anywhere in the world. Type www.rrtrade.eu and register today.

RRTrade - logo newWhat are benefits of being on RRTrade platform:

  • Increase the sales potential of your company
  • Acquire new customers and verify them with us
  • Present your products a large group of customers
  • Save on the costs of marketing and advertising
  • Increase the scale of business through expansion into new market – cheap and quickly
  • Reduce the chain of intermediaries and generate higher margins on sales
  • Take advantage of our support team of professionals, ready to help you 24/7

Why Georgia? 

Since becoming independent again, in 1990s, Georgia has become the most successful example in the region, according to implemented reforms, stonger democratic institutions, economic development and increasing society awareness. Georgia, with its pro-European direcction, is positioning itself as a hub for doing business in the region, creating attractiv international business environment

Georgia is the leader of liberal economic reforms among post-Soviet countries. It boasts favorable conditions of doing business, what is confirmed by high ratings in different international rankings, as for example in ranking of Doing Business. Dtermined reforms led also to virtually complete elimination of small scale corruption.

Georgia, located on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is the shortest route between those two regions. Business atractiveness increases the fact of the country’s connection between Europe, the Caspian region, Middle East, Central Asia and East Asia.How RR Trade works? - RR Trade Safari, Dzisiaj at 11.24.53

Georgia is not only market of 4 mln residents. Is the gate to almost 900 mln people markets without customs duty. Georgia has signed Free Trade Agreements with CIS countries, including Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, as well as its neighbours Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey.

Additionally, Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with Eueopean Union was signes and ratified in 2014. Since 2000 Georgia is also member of World Trade Organisation (WTO).

In February 2016 oficiall negotiations ave started between Georgia and China on free trade agreement. Considering the importance of the New Silk Road project, agreement between sites is expected to be reached very soon.

We are confident that Georgia is excellent liberalized place for doing business.



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